Murphy’s Law

Now my friend Zara in Shetland sent a messenger gull down to my burrow this afternoon with her fine observation about the new Scottish Labour leader’s name. Once I got the bit of paper of the bird’s leg, I peered at her message, she wondered if Jimmy’s election gives a new meaning to a certain wee law that did not originate in London; ‘anything that can go wrong is likely to do so in the very near future’.

I thought she was being cheeky but then I remembered that  Westminster meddling forced the popular Johan Lamont out of office and he lept in before her political grave was cold. The Trow came through the door at the moment swigging some brew so I asked him what he thought. Now he voted for Murphy and pointed out to me, wee finger wagging, that his hero is the Westminster politician par excellence, if Scottish Labour is more than a branch office of London he would know. He is still an MP down there after all and is bound to find a seat in the Scottish Parliament sooner or later.

I asked the Trow how he thinks Murphy will handle emigration policy. ‘Will he do what Ed Millband  says and copy Conservative policies when our islands need new people to come and work here?’ I asked.  The Trow reassured me that our needs in the Scottish Islands  will win out and that Murphy will never  pander to UKIP?

He then went on to tell me that the Vow was being fulfilled and that it was DevoMax even if it wasn’t. My eyes glazed over.

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