the voleOweraal Orcadians dae a pretty good chob o runnan the place; efter aal they send thir smartest offspring to sumwhar caall’d Vet School tae learn hoo to luk efter is.

Bit noo they seem to be gittan wund up aboot sum theen caall’d “Politics”; even the grownups are hivan a shot o this “debatan” lark instead o laivan hid to the yung sprogs! Hid’s tae dae wae the election cumman up. Ach weel, hid’ll keep them oota mischief.

Mind, sum o them are hiv’n late night snacks as they burn the midnight oil writan, so we git to scoff the tasty leftowers. Wiv sterted collectan the scraps o paeper they fling in the bin, so we cood reuse them fur bedding, bit we thowt we’d lit you luk afore they git shredded.

Wiv gin sum o thim names so hid maks thim no so scary: fur they might pit oot thir traps if they git too annoyed wae his sneekan aboot……..

Psssss…if you want to get in touch, we’re squatting in an unused office where we’ve got a peat powered computer.  Contact us through the face book page or the link at the very top of the page.

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