‘World’s Poorest President’ Explains Why We Should Kick Rich People Out Of Politics

URUGUAY-POLITICS-MUJICANOW this Vole was rather excited to see this; anyone think he would be prepared to stand for Orkney and Shetland?

People who like money too much ought to be kicked out of politics, Uruguayan President José Mujica told CNN en Español in an interview posted online Wednesday.

“We invented this thing called representative democracy, where we say the majority is who decides,” Mujica said in the interview. “So it seems to me that we [heads of state] should live like the majority and not like the minority.”

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Are you sittan doon?

Our MP has actually achieved something!  Perhaps you missed it?

Every year Radio Orkney do a Christmas card appeal whereby the post office folk read out all the misaddressed cards, and usually find homes for them all.  Well, the newly privatised Post Office (you remember the one, the one that would have been taken back by the public in an independent Scotland) decided that this just wasn’t on any more, as it cast them in a bad light, haha!  How dare they actually try and deliver mail!

Anyway, Radio Orkney were none too chuffed.  The RO Facebook page went into meltdown.  People were besides themselves, tearing out their hair in clumps and considering rioting the Kirkwall Post Office.

But, Alistair Carmichael to the rescue!  He donned his cape, put his pants on the outside of his trousers, and he picked up the phone.  I’m not sure anyone else could have managed such an onerous task.  He spoke to someone in “power”.  He got the Post Office to back down!  Hurrah for Alistair!  What a guy!  The misaddressed cards will once again feature on Radio Orkney!

See what happens when you have the Secretary of State for Scotland in your corner?


Hmm, not sure what to make of an article published online by the Herald Scotland on 17 December. Just who are their readership, I wondered… The article in question was about the Fib Dems launching a ‘Stop Salmond’ “appeal” for Christine Jardine in the Gordon constituency in May. It made me wonder if anybody who may donate to this “appeal” actually knew where Gordon was (or more likely, who he was). I digress. The article, like so many online these days, was festooned with adverts, but along the right hand side it had links to ‘Scotland’s Homes’ and ‘Herald Drive’. Are these adverts directed at me? “Edinburgh, Semi-Detached House, 6 bedrooms”. So far, so good, I like looking at property particulars. You either get a good laugh or decorating tips. “Guide price £2,100,000”. Whit? “Edinburgh, Semi-Detached House, 6 bedrooms.” Okay… “Offers over £1,100,000”. Right, so I’m imagining this isn’t really directed towards me, then. “Auchterarder”. Now that surely doesn’t have the same price tag as the more upmarket, genteel Edinburgh, surely? “Plot, 6 bedrooms”. So, no house. Just grass. “Offers over £1,000,000”.

Is there something wrong with me? Should I expect to see price tags like that attached to houses now? How about the cars?

“Land Rover – Range Rover Sport. Land Rover Glasgow South. £58,990”. An absolute steal. Do you have it in teal?

“Land Rover – Discovery. Land Rover Glasgow South. £61,990”. Makes the first one seem positively cheap.

“Land Rover – Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover Glasgow North. £42,990”. Ah, so you get much more for your money in the north of the city, then.

The lesson? Well, there isn’t one. There doesn’t have to be in every story, does there? However, I rather think that the donors who may be interested in the ‘Stop Salmond’ “appeal” may be more interested in those properties and cars than most.

The Trow wants a Firm Manager for Scottish Labour

10393160_1001036146579970_8502541453281894931_n (1)

Now my old friend, the Trow tells me that what Scotland needs is a firm leader. Now, I am not happy about giving Murphy any publicity in case it makes him more credible, and here in Orkney it’s Carmichael that’s the issue. I could not resist tho when the Tim’rous Beastie sent this through with the morning gull. He was a bully then and looks like he is a bully now. Aye! That’s what we want. Where is my cereal bowl?

Hunger and poverty amid economic boom – The VOLE roars!

The Volbreaking newse is too angry to try and be witty:

Carmichael‘s fantastic benefits system means children going hungry. This is what having the LibDems as our MPs for over 50 years mean  when they get into government- poverty amongst rich fields and oil wealthy. Here!  Is this good enough? Of course not. When you go to Tescos make sure you put pasta and tins aside for the Food Bank – its a disgrace but until we get our own country we are going to have to do because the State is morally bankrupt and those who serve in the Cabinet are culpable. This is the situation in Kirkwall – what they said on their website

“October has been a particulary busy month with 688kg of food being distributed – 27 adults and 23 children were supported.  We received 805kg in donations with almost half of this coming from harvest donations and 320kg from the Tesco permanent collection point – thank you very much for your continued generosity.”

This is what Neil Riddell of the Shetland  News said was happening today in Shetland

WHENEVER Angela Nunn of the Salvation Army hands out hot water bottles, blankets and duvets to some of Shetland’s most needy residents, she has mixed feelings: “They need to be able to afford to heat their home properly.”

It is a deeply uncomfortable truth that, in a wealthy community with exceptionally low unemployment, demand for food parcels and other assistance exists at all.

Retired Anderson High School geography teacher David Grieve recently joined the Salvation Army as a community assistant. It has been an eye-opener for him: “I wasn’t aware of the poverty situatSantaion we have in Shetland. People just assume poverty isn’t there – it’s hidden.”

People still ask Nunn from time to time: “Do you send the food parcels to Aberdeen?”

While the proportion of folk affected is relatively small compared to many parts of the country, demand is not letting up.

Read the rest here –

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So get angry, give what you can and don’t let those whose fault it is relax.

Wings Over Scotland | Running terrified

Some of our friends had this link below coming over to the burrow –  now the LibDems see the Nats as the big monster – watch out Jardine, Nasty Salmond is going to swallow up your olitical future with one big gulp.

scared jardine

Wings Over Scotland | Running terrified.

The egos of the SNP’s tiny band of six Westminster MPs must be swelling by the day. For weeks we’ve been recording Labour’s standard, decades-old mantra of how Scots mustn’t vote SNP or the Tories will get in. In today’s Herald, meanwhile, no less a figure than the Prime Minister warns that if we vote SNP, Labour will get in …

Murphy’s Law

Now my friend Zara in Shetland sent a messenger gull down to my burrow this afternoon with her fine observation about the new Scottish Labour leader’s name. Once I got the bit of paper of the bird’s leg, I peered at her message, she wondered if Jimmy’s election gives a new meaning to a certain wee law that did not originate in London; ‘anything that can go wrong is likely to do so in the very near future’.

I thought she was being cheeky but then I remembered that  Westminster meddling forced the popular Johan Lamont out of office and he lept in before her political grave was cold. The Trow came through the door at the moment swigging some brew so I asked him what he thought. Now he voted for Murphy and pointed out to me, wee finger wagging, that his hero is the Westminster politician par excellence, if Scottish Labour is more than a branch office of London he would know. He is still an MP down there after all and is bound to find a seat in the Scottish Parliament sooner or later.

I asked the Trow how he thinks Murphy will handle emigration policy. ‘Will he do what Ed Millband  says and copy Conservative policies when our islands need new people to come and work here?’ I asked.  The Trow reassured me that our needs in the Scottish Islands  will win out and that Murphy will never  pander to UKIP?

He then went on to tell me that the Vow was being fulfilled and that it was DevoMax even if it wasn’t. My eyes glazed over.

East Dunbartonshire: SNP now favourites.

Now we all know that its the bookies who really know what is happening – what is happening down in East Dunbartonshire could even happen here here. This Vole may invest a bit of barley in something exciting.

The Political Bookie

Constituency profile courtesy of ukpollingreport.co.uk Constituency profile courtesy of ukpollingreport.co.uk

Pretty amazing. Having come fourth with 11% in 2010, the SNP are now favourites to win the East Dunbartonshire seat next May and unseat the Lib Dem incumbent, Jo Swinson.


This could be one of the most interesting three way marginals in the whole of the UK, and we’ve seen support for all three main contenders. The shrewdies who took 50/1 about the SNP in the days before the referendum can be quite pleased with their position now.

Perhaps the SNP should be even shorter. If you take a look at electionforecast.co.uk their probabilities would produce odds of:

  • 4/9 SNP
  • 4/1 Labour
  • 10/1 Lib Dems

I would advise anyone to have a good look at the FAQs on their site before committing too much money on the basis of their forecasts. Predicting Scottish seats is incredibly tricky at the moment. The basic problem is how…

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England won’t put up with Scotland’s behaviour for long – Telegraph

England won’t put up with Scotland’s behaviour for long – Telegraph.

“On reflection, the referendum on Scottish independence was not a referendum at all. It was a psychological episode. A national spasm. Scotland’s “Death of Diana” moment.

That can be the only explanation for why, in the days, weeks and months that have followed the vote, so many normally sane, well balanced and intellectually robust Scotsmen have packed their bags, taken out their pristine white handkerchiefs, and waved farewell to their senses. Not to put too fine a point on it, the Scots have lost the plot. Not all of them. But enough of them.


Today, David Cameron unveils his EVEL plan for Westminster domination. Or rather, he unveils his proposal for providing the solution, once and for all, to the West Lothian question, the constitutional anomaly whereby Scottish MPs can vote on devolved issues in England, but English MPs cannot vote on devolved issues in Scotland.”

So says the Telegraph. I am frightened. My fur is all atremble. Frightened. I am quivering in my fur and know not what to do. Who will save us? Will they take away our nuclear weapons? Will they tell us to be independent just to teach us a lesson.